The creation of Home Grown Collective wasn't a methodical process to say the least, it was much more natural. At the time, Blaine and I were studying to become graphic designers in Melbourne. Amidst the mountain of projects and deadlines we were fortunate enough to meet many interesting souls who helped remind us why we were studying to become graphic designers in the first place. We both love to create.

You could see it in their faces, the love for what they do oozing out of their smiles. When you would ask them about their work it was quite apparent that they were more proud of the process rather than the end result, which would be amazing but would merely be a bonus in comparison to the time they were gifted in creating it. The late nights and lack of sleep were a badge of honour rather than a sacrifice.

This echoed deeply in both of our minds and made us want to drop whatever we were doing and start creating. That feeling of being instantly inspired was like a drug, if only we could replicate it and dispense it to everyone. Thus the wheels were set in motion and Home Grown Collective was born.

Spotlight is a homage to that feeling we got when we would hear those people's stories. It is a place where we can showcase the skills and talents of individuals who often go unnoticed. It is almost automatic to suppress the things we love to do, they are labeled as silly or just "hobbies". 

We want to be the catalyst that inspires you to throw yourself at your interests not just dabble in it. What better way to do that than to show you those who have taken that leap of faith and embraced their passions.

We will be searching for individuals from all walks of life who truly have a passion for what they do but often go unnoticed. However this is a collective after all and we will need your input to help us find these people. If you are or know someone who fit this description, please contact us via all social media platforms. we would love to hear from you.

Marlo Guanlao