In endeavoring into this journey of starting our own business we knew that it wasn’t going to be all smooth sailing and unfortunately in the end we were right. This blog post isn’t written to seek out sympathy or act as an excuse but it is to act as a caveat to those who are looking to pursue their passion. 

Late last year all of our hard work and dedication culminated to the launch of This was a moment Blaine and myself were looking forward to since the idea was conjured up years ago. For the first few weeks the site was doing well and we were reaping the rewards of our hard work. However during Christmas time I received word that the site had been hacked. My heart dropped and I was devastated. The financial side of the problem didn’t bother Blaine and myself as much but more of all the work and time that we put into the creation of the website was lost. Thankfully no valuable information was available for malicious intent but the same couldn’t be said for the site itself. 

It felt as if Home Grown Collective would forever remain only a dream. Though we were hurting our desire to power on was still there and we immediately began thinking of how we would go about creating a new site. The months after the crash of the original site were tough but the goal was still there. We were going to bring “Home Grown Collective” back from the dead. 

We are now proud to say that is now back up and running. It is a completely new design and we are now able to take orders and provide new , original content. If you are thinking of or in the process of creating your own business we ask you to learn from our story. You will be faced with many obstacles in both business and in life but if your love for what you do is strong enough you will learn to roll with the punches and persevere.

Thank you to all who supported us during this tough time. It feels good to be home.

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